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2Layer Color PCB 5cm x 5cm Max

Model: IM120418004

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This service provides you 10pcs 2Layer Color PCBs ( Red, Blue, White, Black, Yellow ) with 100% e-test.

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This service provides quick and high quality PCB fabrication experience for hobbyists worldwide.

Customers will get 10 pcs, 1-layer or 2-layer, 100% e-tested color PCB boards per service. If you need more than 10 boards, you may add an integral multiple quantity to shopping cart.

If your files and design meet our requirements, it will be processed and shipped within 4-6 business days (Excluding the Chinese Festival).  

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If your gerber design is out of our normal condition PCB capabilities, extra charge is inevitable.
Please contact us to get a quote before placing the order. 

Any questions about our service or your order status, please submit a ticket to our support desk or contact us.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 85 g
Discontinued No
Link Wiki No
PCB Layer 2 Layer
PCB Material FR-4
PCB Quantity 10 pcs
PCB Size Smaller than 5cm x 5cm


Customer Reviews

Excellent service Review by Sheldon
I've used this service many times in the past and the results are always excellent. I've actually used trace and hole sizes smaller than the minimums Itead state but they still came through as per my gerber files. Lead times are variable, with standard shipping I've waited between 10 days and 3 weeks before. With DHL shipping it is usually 5 days from ordering to receiving the boards.

Well worth using, I can't fault this service. (Posted on 6/23/2016)
Very happy with the new(?) tracking system Review by Dave
I think it is clear to everyone that the quality is great and the price is very competitive.

On top of that the track and trace service has much improved. I love it! It now traces the package 'right to my door'.

I stopped etching my own boards, in fact, I threw my etching machine and UV lamp away.

Will order more for sure :) :)

Dave (Posted on 3/18/2015)
Have used many times before and will continue Review by Ben
Have used a few other batch type services for my boards but none can compare with the price of Itead. Very happy with the quality and easy of ordering. Wait times are the same if not quicker than all other services I have used. Over the past few years I have ordered boards from the size of 20mm squared to bigger than a motherboard and all have had the same quality. (Posted on 1/14/2015)
Brilliant Review by Ricci
Perfect service. Results are very high quality, eg board was routed all round and concentricity very good. I have been in electronics for many decades and I have not seen better. I ordered on 22nd Dec, boards despatched to me 27th Dec and arrived in UK 6th Jan, that's 15 days total. I have already used the service again and can't imagine using anybody else.

I sent all the Gerber files and text files produced, making sure the naming was consistent and named the zip according to their recommendations. I put my part number and a layer description on every layer just above the top board outline, in mirror if they were asscoiated with the back of the board. I also put my part number on every layer on the board (inside the outline), and made sure the outline was on every layer

Remember to triple check everything, especially hole sizes. Are multiple op-amps or gates in the package you think they are?. If you mirrored an op-amp on the schematic did you also accidentally mirror the power lines?. If your PCB system has Design Rules, put ITeads numbers in the rules and add a bit for safety. Don't think about sending the results until it can pass a rules check 100%. Also, at the start, make sure your board outline is a little under the 50/100mm rather than a little over, and add mounting holes now - if you leave it until later you won't have space. Make sure you haven't put component designator/outlines on top of places you have to solder. Don't use silly drill sizes, they are usually in 1/10th millimeter increments.


(Posted on 1/8/2014)
pleased with results Review by roznerd
This was my first order with iTead. I got the 5cm X 5cm in RED. The boards look good. I used KiCAD to design and generate the gerbers and things turned out nice (thanks to triple-checking my work and following the rules). I was impressed with the small size of the silkscreen text. It took 27 days total from placing the order to receiving them. There were some holidays in the middle there though. I would recommend this service if you can afford the lead-time. I will use it again for sure. (Posted on 1/23/2013)
Overall a Decent Service Review by Trevor
I have used OSH Park for a long time now, but needed a cheaper price for a large PCB. Have heard good reviews about Itead and decided to give them a test run with some smaller PCBs.

The quality is very good. No blemishes anywhere. Only down side that I had was the wait. Maybe it was due to having colored PCBs? I hear that everyone can get boards back in a couple of weeks, but took a little over a month to get mine back. So, I don't know if the waiting offsets the cost or not. I guess I can use Itead if time doesn't matter, but usually does for me as I am sitting around bored while waiting for PCBs... (Posted on 1/8/2013)

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