The Nextion Enhanced versions support built-in RTC, support save data to Flash, support GPIO, larger flash capacity and larger CPU clock. The enhanced Nextion series has 7 size covers from generic 2.4''  to 7.0''.

Nextion Enhanced NX4024K032 - Generic 3.2'' HMI Touch Display

Model: IM160511004

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Quick Overview

The Nextion Enhanced versions are more powerful than the standard ones. Compare to the basic Nextion displays, the enhanced ones have added some new functions, such as: supporting built-in RTC, supporting save data to Flash, supporting GPIO, larger flash capacity and larger CPU clock.

3.2-inch Nextion Display Notice: 

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which leads to the shortage of the glass and chipset supply, the 3.2-inch Nextion production capability is very limited. We have stopped the 3.2-inch retail business as you may saw from our store, Thus, If your project is using a 3.2-inch Nextion HMI display module including NX4024T032 and NX4024K032 and still have the needs of large amount order request, please fill in the form from the link below and contact the Nextion sales representative, you would get the first priority to purchase the 3.2-inch product.

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