SONOFF BASICR3 - an open source wifi diy smart switch that can use the REST API to connect  it with the existing home automation system like MQTT, Vera, Fibaro, SmartThings, HomeSeer, Savant, Home assistant, smartthings, openhab, domoticz,   etc.


Model: IM190314001

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Quick Overview

  • Manage devices from your phone, anywhere and anytime.

  • Support Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant to turn on/off devices.

  • Make one device trigger on/off another one or groups of devices.

  • Control SONOFF devices with the utilization of IFTTT supported app and services.

  • The DIY Mode allows you to use the REST API to connect SONOFF BASICR3 with your existing home automation system.

  • Turn on/off the device when no Wi-Fi access in LAN Mode.

  • Share devices with your family to control together.

  • Show the real-time status on the eWeLink app for devices.

  • Can connect an old phone to make it monitor and control devices.