SONOFF SlampherR2 is a WiFi smart bulb socket holder that allows to wirelessly control LED light via 433MHz RF Remote or app from anywhere and it works with Amazon Alexa Google Home/Nest, iFTTT.

SONOFF SlampherR2: 433MHz RF&WiFi Smart Lamp Holder

Model: IM190528001

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Quick Overview

  • Take control of bulbs via your phone.

  • Communicate with bulbs to turn on/off with your voice.

  • Arrange a time to make the bulb turn on/off at their owns.

  • Set a smart scene to allow more SONOFF devices intelligent, not just bulbs.

  • LAN control makes it possible to control bulbs under the no Wi-Fi connection condition.

  • Share bulbs to your friends or family to control.

  • Compatible with IFTTT function to let one action trigger another one.

  • Power-on status ensures bulbs remain the status before power cut after the electricity system is restored.

Note: One SONOFF SlampherR2 can learn with 14 RF Remote buttons. The 15th RF button will cover the first button that has been learned.