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Colorduino Free Sample Request

Now we have finished the Colorduino hardware design, and making some code transplantation. To test this product in more detail, we decide to send out same free samples for beta test.

Because we just have 5 prototype boards, and to get better results we have some requirements for applicants.
  1. Have some knowledge of the RGB LED driver, learn how the RGB matrix work. You should have some necessary accessories, like RGB LED Matrix, and the FT232 breakout for downloading the firmware from Arduino IDE to Colorduino.
  2. Have a certain understanding of the Arduino, have Rainbowduino coding experience preferred. If you can show us your previous projects that will be better, but it just only an optional requirement, it is not required.
  3. Like to test and comments for new gadgets, we hope that  you have a blog or website and like to post an evaluation for Colorduino – whether positive or negative, it will help us to improver this board.

How to apply?

If you meet the above conditions, you can send us a mail (info@iteadstudio.com) to apply. In the mail please provide the necessary information as much as possible, we will pick up 5 most appropriate testers and release the samples.

In your application mail, if you can told us about your previous project, your rainbowduino experience , show us your blog or site, it will be appreciated and helpful for us to choose the suitable testers.

We will release the schematic , demo code and some necessary information out in the next post. All 5 samples will be shipped out before our Spring Festival Holidays, and we will post the result in our forum.