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IBOX Sample Sending

As a new cross-border product, IBOX can work as both a multimedia mini PC and a multi-purpose DIY platform for secondary development. Such orientation has not been made in the previous product, that’s why we need to have more feedback from the users to validate our ideas and to improve the product according to everyone’s suggestions which are quite valuable to us.

This product has not been put into mass production yet. We have just finished the engineering sample tests and we are going to raise a campaign for it on indiegogo so that we can have enough funds for mass production and its launching early next month. In the meantime, we will carry out a "sample sending" activity to receive more attention and more feedback. In the activity, professional review writers and website editors will be offered with one free sample of IBOX for evaluation, and those who support our project on indiegogo and share their feedback will be awarded with an IMall VIP account.

If you are a professional blog writer or a technology website editor, and you are interested in IBOX, have time to use it, to write a detailed review for it and to publish it on the Internet, you can apply for one free sample to experience and evaluate. And we will prepare ten samples in all. 

Application time

6, March, 2014 – 25, March, 2014

Application requirements

You should be an experienced digital product review writer, who published relevant product reviews (either article or video) on the Internet. You can send e-mail to (ivy.long @ itead.cc) to apply for a free IBOX engineering sample. In the E-mail, please make clear your name, occupation, your simple perception of IBOX (Why you are interested in it) and your mailing address, and it would help a lot if you can attach links to your published reviews in the E-mail.

After your application is approved, we will send you an IBOX engineering sample via DHL. We hope you can take the time to use it, compose and publish a review within two weeks and send us the link via e-mail.

The link to your review will be added in Useful Link on IBOX product page in the future, which will offer users a more objective reference.

We sincerely hope that more people can get involved in the activity. If you are not a professional writer or good at writing, but you know someone who may be suitable for and interested in this, you are also welcome to send us his contact information via E-mail, and our staff will contact them.