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You are viewing a page, that is including wide range of cheap prototyping kits for arduino. If you are looking for such kind of arduino components, itead is the first one should be selected. Every small one kit for arduino DIY work is sold by cheap wholesale price. So, make a order with us, you will get more than your imagination.

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UV Ultraviolet Radiation Ray Detection Sensor Module

The UV Sensor is used for detecting the intensity of incident ultraviolet(UV) radiation. This form of electromagnetic radiation has shorter wavelen... Learn More

Electronic Brick - Light Sensor Brick

Regular Price: $2.50

Special Price $1.50

Electronic brick of light sensor is mainly used to detect the light intensity in the environment. The control board can get the current light inten... Learn More


Electronic Brick - 4~20mA Sensor Brick

4~20mA Sensor Brick is an electronic brick module that can be used to test electronic current loop from 4mA to 20mA and support type2,3,4 current o... Learn More


Screw Terminal Electronics Connector Brick For Arduino Starter

This electronic brick has two ends. One end is a grove interface for connecting to the boards; the other end is a screw terminal for connecting to ... Learn More

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