“eWeLink Smart Home”
Alexa Skill

What you can do next: ask Alexa to control your home

“Alexa, turn on the light.”

“Alexa, set the LED to daylight”

A new “eWeLink Smart Home” Alexa Skill has been released. Compared with the old one, it’s more intelligent, more responsive, and even more powerful.

Just with a simpler voice command, Amazon Alexa will work for you.

This is available to any of the following Sonoff products, including your existing ones. No any hardware or software update needed. Just simply log in your eWeLink account from Amazon Alexa App, they will work together very well.

See What Devices Work with Amazon Alexa

Add “set brightness/color temperature” command, and more commands will be realized soon

Now you can not only ask Alexa to turn on or turn off the electrical devices, but also ask Alexa to change color temperature or brightness of Sonoff LED and Sonoff B1. And in the near future, you'll be able to ask Alexa to do more...

When you come back home, your lights can automatically turn on.

“Alexa, set bedroom light to warm white.”

When it’s hot, your fan will automatically run to cool down.

“Alexa, turn off the light at 12:00 pm every day.”

When it’s cold, your electric heater will launch by itself.

“Alexa, set the ifan to natural.”

When it’s dry, your humidifier will work at once.

“Alexa, set the humidifier to level 4.”

How to do it?

Read the detailed tutorial here>>

You can get more from here

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