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Shake Hands With Your Dream
ITEAD “WinWin” Service

The popularity of open-source hardware and 3D printers have greatly reduced the difficulty of turning a good idea into reality. Now users can use a variety of open-source modules and 3D printers to build their prototype easily. However, putting the prototype into mass production or even commercial-scale production is still not that easy.

ITEAD Studio has been committing to provide various open-source hardware modules for developers and makers, thus reducing the difficulty of development and shortening the development time, and helping developers to realize their ideas into actual products. Recently, we start to provide a special service - “Win-win Service”, which aims to help developers upgrade their prototypes to real commercial products and put them into global market.

The main purpose of “Win-win Service” is to build a great collaborative relationship with developers/designers/makers and turn their ideas into actual goods, offering them one-stop service which covers various steps from prototyping, manufacturing, testing, packing, selling to order delivery. We assist them with sample prototyping and assembling, indie product production and actual testing. After completing the final test, we single-handedly deal with mass production, promotion sales and order delivery processes. Collaborative developers can check the inventory and sales, as well as the orders status through the backend dashboard we provide.

We have been working closely with suppliers of all scales and gaining rich supply chain knowledge all these years. We are sure to help developers fulfill their dreams. By working with us, users don’t have to engage in production and package handling or any other complex processes. Therefore, users can focus more on their designs and products. Shake your hand with us, you will no longer need a huge team, what you need are great ideas and the courage to implement them!

  • Prototype Assistance
    Save your costs and time during development.
    • ·
    • · Sample component sourcing and purchasing
    • · PCB production and assembly with cost or even free
    • · Use our experience to improve your design
  • Start Production at very low cost
    Reduce your early funding and risk   
    • · You can get rid of previous business model which needs full investment in components and production. ITEAD partially or even fully pays for the cost of components and production, and hence there is zero cost to start production. 
  • Testing and Packaging
    Get you away from all chores, let you focus on product development
    • · Do exhaustive testing for each products to ensure perfect quality.
    • · Sourcing the custom packaging to keep products intact.
  •        Promotion

  • Publish product information through various channels, let users around the world know your products.
    • · Banner displays on top of our website
    • · Promotion email
    • · Internet paid advertising
  • Payment and delivery
    Receive orders and handling shipping, you can get rid of order receivables and processing
    • · Accept orders and payments globally in our online shop
    • · Take care of warehousing, logistics and more
  • Real time Sales Dashboard
    Provide dashboard to check product sales and order processing conditions
    • · Real-time inventory queries
    • · Product sales list
    • · Product order status

If you want to find a partner to turn your ideas into actual products, do not hesitate to contact us. The “Win-win” service we provide is the most suitable cooperative service for hobbyists to start a business. [Email: winwin@itead.cc]

According to your project direction and content, a professional project manager that specializes in your project area will be arranged to contact you. He will know your project in detail, evaluate the possibility and discuss the cooperation profoundly.

After finishing project evaluation, establishing cooperative relationship and setting up the project, we will produce samples, test and improve until a successful prototype that has get your confirmation.

We will produce the products in small batch. When the final prototype earns your approval, we will publish pre-order information on our website and start to prepare mass production and customized package.

When the final prototype earns your approval, we will publish the pre-order information on our website and start to prepare the mass production and their customized packing materials.

The pre-orders will be shipped once finishing the mass production, testing and packing.

We will send monthly sales statistics or batch sales statistics to you. After confirmation of the statistics, revenue will be split under the agreement.

Airspy is an advanced software defined radio receiver capable of sampling 10MHz of spectrum anywhere between 24MHz and 1.7GHz – and even beyond with extensions. We believe that as of today, Airspy is the only serious wide band receiver solution that has high performance and yet affordable.

We assisted Airspy team to complete the improvement of three versions in several months. Designers can concentrate on product improvement because the free and complete sample prototypes we offer can be tested directly.

Before starting Airspy pre-order, we did several trial-produce for testing the real yield rate. Meanwhile, these trial products can be the early promotion for Airspy.

We launch the first 450 pcs Airspy pre-order, and we are glad that they are sold out in a week, which is an inspiration to ITEAD and designer. We customize the special packaging suitable for these products in order to ensure the safety of 30cm long antenna in transit.

We have a global shipping system, which means we can help Airspy team send Airspy to Airspy fans all around the world. We keep our promise to finish Airspy testing, packing and shipping at the appointed time. The shipping we offer is reliable and efficient.

You want to know this part, don’t you? Then don’t hesitate to contact us with your projects.